our staff

The Staff at Country Village Day School help their classroom students achieve collective and personal maturity by planning interesting, challenging activities that facilitate children's learning by creating lessons utilizing multiple teaching methods.  The environment is saturated with the lesson's theme to help children make connections throughout content areas, as well as meet all learning preferences.  Children enjoy the freedom to choose in which learning center they would like to play and are encouraged to experience new centers and activities.   
Infants: Sara, Maura and Deniz
Ladybugs Waddler Program: Stacey, Reid and Katrin 
Snails Toddler Program: Maritza, Vanessa, Ella and Juliana
Hunnybees Toddler Program: Rita, Rachel W., Natalie and Sahara
Kangaroos Toddler/Preschool Program: Monique, Brinkley, Marissa and Marcia
Monkeys Preschool Program: Mercedes, Patricia, Alyah and Emily
Penguins Pre-K Program: Socorro, Seth and Julia
Caterpillars Pre-K Program: Trish, Colin, Lily and Adeline
Floater: Deliah
Administrative Staff:

Linda Tepper, Executive Director 
Caitlin Lietzke, Assistant Director 
Christina Smith, Administrative Assistant