It is sometimes difficult for our older children to come into the class or to Opening after everyone is already involved in their activities or projects. You may be able to ease this transition by arriving before 8:45 a.m.
This is by no means a requirement, but is helpful for the children and ensures they will not miss any of the days fun-filled activities.  All the older children gather in the hall for the flag salute, singing, birthday celebrations, and introduction of new students. 
Opening begins at approximately 8:50 AM during the Fall session
and 9:00 AM during the Summer session.


Everything brought to Country Village Day School should have your child's name on it in permanent ink, including clothing and school materials. We ask that children wear either tennis shoes or other sturdy shoes to school. The children should wear clothing to school that can get messy. Please do not send them in their best party clothing for everyday. We paint, play outside, cook, and go on nature walks, and these activities do not mix well with cherished clothing. Each child should have another full set of clothing in his/her cubby at all times in case his/her other garments become soiled, wet, or uncomfortable while at school.


Birthdays are special times at Country Village Day School and we enjoy celebrating them. Please arrange with your child's teacher what/when you can celebrate. If bringing birthday treats, please keep in mind that we have a "low sugar" policy and a Nut-free policy at CVDS. * All treats must be store bought!

CVDS provides lunch through the FareStart School Meals Program. FareStart offers a fresh, seasonal, and ethnically diverse menu. CVDS is also a
Nut-Free School
Snacks are provided by CVDS along with parent participation for morning snacks. 

Lunch and Snacks

At Country Village, we feed babies on demand within the reasonable judgment of your child's caregiver. We feed your child what you bring for breakfast and lunch and ask that before you bring any type of foods to Country Village Day School for your baby, you introduce it to them first at home. If a child is rejecting certain foods we will keep you informed. It is also our policy that any food opened and requiring refrigeration must be sent home at the end of the day, or thrown out. This way we ensure that your child is receiving fresh foods and liquids.

Infant Feeding Policy

Upon enrollment, you will receive a Baby Room Handbook listing all the rules and guidelines we have to give the very best and most consistent care to your child.  We will attempt to emulate your baby's home environment as much as our guidelines allow.  You will have the opportunity to inquire regarding specific policies as you read through the handbook.

Infant Policies


Why fundraisers? Unfortunately, all schools have great difficulty providing all the materials and experiences for the children from tuition alone. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your child. Because accomplishing this is costly, we must have added funds to our kindergarten education tuition. Each year, we kick off our auction planning in October at our Pumpkin Pie Social. We do not insist on a dollar amount, but encourage each parent volunteer where their services best fit. We certainly understand that a time commitment is not possible for everyone and so we always appreciate monetary donations.

Parent Communication 

Our chief means of communication at CVDS is through e-mail, verbal communication, and your child's cubby. It is imperative that cubbies are checked daily so that you are aware of all happenings at Country Village Day School In an effort to communicate with you in the most convenient and efficient manner, we are able to e-mail.

Furthermore, Country Village Day School publishes a weekly newsletter at the beginning of each week. This letter consists of reminders and information regarding upcoming events at Country Village Day School. Weekly newsletters are written in each classroom to update you on what happened that week in the class and also what is to come in the following week. Younger children also receive daily sheets detailing their day.

Parent Involvment  

You ask... how can I get involved?


• Become a Room Parent 

• Offer Classroom Assistance for Special Projects 

• Assist on Field Trips 

• Volunteer to Chair Committees 

• Become a Board of Trustees Member

• Read Notices Posted at the Parent Information Table

• Take Time with Your Child to Notice What Is in His/Her Room