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Our History

Barbara Stevenson founded Country Village Day School in 1971 to create a school whose primary mission was the loving care of children. Her goal was to provide the best possible care to encourage learning through developmentally appropriate practices and materials, as well as growth through a healthy, stimulating environment. The school she created embodies many of the qualities found in a loving home, such as an individualized, caring, safe, educational, and nurturing environment. Barbara retired in 1993, but we continue to carry on her mission. Contact Country Village Day School today to learn more about the excellent early childhood education staff taking care of your little one.


Board of Trustees

Country Village Day School is now run by a Board of Trustees.  The CVDS Board of Trustees is made up of parents and is on a volunteer basis. 


Country Village Day School is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets every six weeks and is divided into committees that oversee the operation of the school. The Board of Trustees plays an important role at Country Village Day School. Some of the responsibilities of the Board include:

*Conducting on-going reviews of the financial health of CVDS

*Reviewing and approving major financial transactions

*Approving rate structures

*Hiring, evaluating and setting compensation rates for Executive Director

*Maintaining several topic-specific subcommittees

*Participating in Country Village Fundraising events

Country Village Day School Inc. is a Washington State

Non-Profit Organization    TAX ID #: 91-0870333


Board of Trustees

  • Alicia Glass- President

  • Meg Betterman-- Vice-President

  • Melissa Hirshberg- Secretary

  • Sarah Jindra- Treasurer

  • Scott McJannet

  • Ui Robinson 

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